Departmental Bulletin Paper 皮膚ダーモスコピー画像における経時変化定量のための位置合わせ処理および色補正処理

古正, 大二

In this study, we proposed a fully automated image registration and color calibration method between time-course dermoscopy images only with observed images.We confirmed that the pro-posed method was effective to compensate both geometrical and hronological changes between dermoscopy images in the time-course analysis. Our proposed algorithm aligned the time-course images with a precision of 93.7 ± 4.8,% and a recall of 95.8 ± 4.1%, respectively. Our color calibra-tion method largely reduced the color difference between time-course images ∆E from 11.8 ± 6.4 to 4.6 ± 1.4.Key Words : Image Registration, Color Calibration, Dermoscopy, Melanoma

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