Departmental Bulletin Paper プラズモニックギャップ導波路を有するバンドパスフィルタの 2次元及び 3次元解析

和田, 祐輔

Two band-pass lters consisting of plasmonic gap waveguides are analyzed using the two- (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) nite-difference time-domain method. First, we investigate grating-type lters formed by a periodic variation of the gap width of the waveguide. It is shown that the 3D lter results in a low transmissivity, compared to the 2D lter. Next, we consider slit-type lters composed of the gap waveguide with a slit section. It is found that both 2D and 3D lters yield a high transmissivity of more than 80%.Key Words : Surface plasmon polariton, Plasmonic devices, Band-pass lters, Finite-differencetime-domain (FDTD) method

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