Departmental Bulletin Paper 米国と日本の学部教育におけるアスレティックトレーナー教育制度比較 : Boise State University を例にして

泉, 重樹  ,  ハモンズ, デイブ

The purpose of this study is to present my 1-year experience of the Athletic Training Program (ATP) of Boise State University (BSU). I studied the components of ATP at BSU. I understood the education system by learning myself for ATP at BSU. The major characteristics of an athletic trainer certified professional are as follows: (1) the professional is an expert in the sports field in terms of first aid, and the position of the professional in sports medicine is established in the United States. (2) The ATC is a national qualification in the medical field in the United States. On the other hand, the Japanese athletic trainer (JASA-AT) is a sports leader qualification not a medical qualification, and differs from the ATC. (3) The perception of sports widely differs between Japan and the United States. Sports activities are regarded as extension of physical education in Japan. On the other hand, Sports are considered an entertainment in United States. Thus, the sports culture in Japan greatly differs from that in the United States.

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