Thesis or Dissertation 断続的 TEOS 導入 MOCVD 法によるCeO 2 /SiO 2 複合酸化膜の堆積

松村, 隆志

57pp.1 - 3 , 2016-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Mixed oxide compound films of CeO 2 and SiO 2 were deposited by MOCVD using Ce(OCEt2 Me) 4 and TEOS (tetraethyl orthosilicate) as the source materials. Oxide film deposition occurred only with the intermittent introduction of TEOS source. The XPS analyses revealed that Si existed mainly as the silicate phase and uniformly distributed along the depth in the film. The amount of Si in the deposited film was not affected by the duration time of TEOS introduction. From the results of XRD and XTEM, the crystallization of the CeO 2 film was suppressed by mixing SiO 2 even after the post-annealing at 500 °C. Key Words: High-k, MOCVD, CeO 2 , silicate

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