Research Paper 日本企業における留学生人材の活用と労働市場での位置づけ

山口, 塁

200pp.1 - 21 , 2016-03-11 , 法政大学比較経済研究所
This article aims to discuss about the location of highly-skilled migrants who graduate from Japanese institution of higher education in the Japanese labor market. Highly-skilled migrants including graduating international students are often referred to as global-talented human resources and qualified person being in the first labor market. But according to the Ministry of Justice’s data, many of international students have found employment in small and medium-sized enterprises, especially of service industry. After the recent economic crisis of 2008, international students increasingly take sales job as a replacement for Japanese. In conclusion, international students find unstable jobs and the existence of highly-skilled are close to unskilled migrants.

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