Departmental Bulletin Paper SiC 基板上へのグラフェン膜形成とデバイス特性

椎名, 裕亮

We investigated the epitaxial graphene films grown on SiC with CF4 plasma treatment and examined basic study of graphene devices. The surface roughness of the graphene films is reduced from 1.38nm RMS to 0.53nm RMS and carrier mobility of the graphene films is increased from 320cm2/Vs to 1960cm2/Vs by CF4 plasma treatment, respectively. Raman mapping (2D-FWHM) showed that the epitaxial graphene grown on SiC treated by CF4 plasma was more homogeneous than the one without CF4 plasma treatment. The epitaxial graphene devices on SiC exhibited the ambipolar characteristics. Key Words : graphene, SiC, CF4 plasma

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