Departmental Bulletin Paper GaN への Mg イオン注入によるp 型層形成の検討

西城, 祐亮

57pp.1 - 3 , 2016-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
A selective area doping technology is required for making high performance GaN devices. Usually,ion implantation is used as a method of the selective area doping, but formation of the p-type conductive layer by ion implantation has been difficult for GaN. Mg-ion implanted layers in n--GaN on a high quality free-standing GaN substrate show p-type conduction after high temperature annealing at 1230°C,but Implanted layer consisted of uniform p-type crystalline area and localized crystal defects having n-type conduction. Key word:GaN,Mg,p-GaN

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