Departmental Bulletin Paper イオン注入 GaN 電界効果トランジスタの高耐圧化の検討

木村, 純

We demonstrate high breakdown voltage GaN MISFETs made by utilizing self-alignement process using ion implantation and precisely controlled Mo gate metal. The fabrication technology is based on MISFET process, but specific refined GaN device fabrication technology has been developed. The self-aligned structures enable us to reduce source and drain parasitic resistance, which expect to improve in device characteristics. Nitrogen ion implantation isolation processes were adopted to fabricate isolation regions in GaN MISFETs. MISFET including Resurf region (5×10 13 /cm 2 ) has maximum break down voltage of 91 V, and I dss of 0.21mA/mm. We confirmed results that indicate availability of Resurf region to increasing of break down voltage. Key Words : GaN, MISFET, Self-Aligned, RESURF, Breakdown Voltage

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