Departmental Bulletin Paper FIR フィルタ型 DSM とジッタシェーパーを用いたΔΣDAC の高精度化に関する研究

川部, 嵩永

In recent years,system-on-chip (SoC) to integrate analog and digital circuits on the same chip is proceeding with the development of CMOS miniaturization technology.A digital-to-analog Converter (DAC) used in audio equipment, etc. which are demanded higher accuracy. In this paper a delta-sigma modulator with FIR-filter using Jitter Shaper (JS) is proposed to realize highly accurate DAC. Disadvantages of the conventional approaches, and theoretical effectiveness of proposed method is shown using the MATLAB / Simulink simulation. Key Words : FIR-filter, Digital to Analog Converter, Delta-sigma DSM, Jitter Shaper

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