Departmental Bulletin Paper O 2 導入反応性 RF スパッタ法で形成した Al 添加 CeO 2 薄膜の結晶性および電気特性評価

大澤, 隆志

57pp.1 - 4 , 2016-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
Cerium dioxide (CeO 2) films doped with Al oxide were deposited on p-type Si (100) wafers by RF magnetron sputtering using CeO 2 target on which Al plates were bonded. The deposition was carried out in Ar atmosphere with and without O2 introduction. The post annealing was performed in an N2 atmosphere in the temperature range from 200 to 600°C. The effective dielectric constant was increased by O2 introduction from 9-11 to 13-15 and independent of the post-annealing temperature up to 600°C except at 400°C where it decreased by 20%. The leakage current laid around the order of 10-7A/cm2 but exceptionally increased by 3 orders of magnitude after the post-annealing at 400°C. The dependence of the leakage current on the post-annealing temperature was not affected by the amount of O2 introduction. In the XRD spectrum, after annealing at the temperature p to 600°C, only the traces of CeO2 and CeAlO3 were observed, indicating that the deposited film essentially remained amorphous. The electron diffraction patterns obtained from high resolution TEM images revealed that some micro crystallized regions were included in the film and reduced after annealing at 400°C. The Al peak in the XPS spectra shifted toward higher binding energies with the increase of the annealing temperature and O2 introduction, implying CeAlO3 formation, but no specific change was observed in Al chemical state in XPS spectrum for the 400 °C annealed sample. Key Words: sputtering, CeO2 , high-k, I-V, C-V, TEM, XRD, XPS

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