Departmental Bulletin Paper 自動演奏ロボットのための協調演奏システム:外部演奏環境との協調用基本技術

若林, 直哉

Automatic playing robots are the robots that can play musical instruments just like human players by using artificial mechanical systems and the intelligent computer ystems. When we want to try concerts with those robots, it is inevitably necessary to synchronize “our” performance to the robots. As an “automatic” robot, the robot should synchronize to our performance in tempo, expressions and etc. In this paper, a new type of automatic playing robot is proposed that can synchronize the musical environment with human players and perform a perfect concert, that is, a cooperative playing system. As a basic cooperative system, the system developed can change the playing tempo along with an external click signal. It can play music written in the MIDI format by the existing saxophone playing robot with synchronizing the tapping sequences input by a human. Key Words: Automatic Playing Robot, Tempo Fitting, Saxophone Robot, Cooperative play

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