Departmental Bulletin Paper 油圧システムを併用した落錘型試験機による広いひずみ速度域における耐衝撃性樹脂の機械的特性

藤澤, 宏臣

57pp.1 - 4 , 2016-03-24 , 法政大学大学院理工学・工学研究科
ABS resin is a material having an improved impact properties of the base material by polymerizing butadiene rubber styrene-based resin. That is used by an information appliance, the household articles such as the refrigerator, a trunk case, car interior decoration and so on. However, impact resistance for damage is said to actually caused by the collision and its fall of foreign matter from the outside despite being data is less good, the impact properties is not well known. In this study, A quasi-static examination and a dynamic examination are performed in the temperature range of 24℃ ~ 80℃ for strain rate ( 𝜀̇= 10−3~102/𝑠 ) about for general load speed level and arranged the mechanical characteristic using the thermal activation process. The Instron type tensile testing machine is used in the strain rate range from 10−3𝑡𝑜 100/𝑠 𝑒𝑐 . The hydraulic cylinder with a combination by the hydraulic system in the drop weight type testing machine was used strain rate 101 /sec. The drop weight type testing machine was used at strain rate of 102/sec . Test temperature is room temperature (24℃), 50℃, 60℃, 70℃, 80℃. In addition, high-temperature tank was used strain rate 10−3 to 100 /sec, which is attached to a tensile testing machine, and an oven mounted to the drop weight type testing machine was used at strain rate of 102 /s. Key Words : Strain rate sensitivity, ABS resin, Strain rate, Thermal activation process

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