Departmental Bulletin Paper 延性金属板材の成形限界線図における限界ひずみの実験的考察

福山, 俊介

In the research and development in recent years of the vehicle structure weight saving technology is a multi-material reduction is proceeding to use the some of the lightweight material to the right man in the right place. Japan’s economy is the weight of the reduction and the structure of the production cost in the production of automobiles and aircraft to be a particularly important area in the future in order to achieve a stable and steady growth has become a common and universal proposition. Forming limit diagram in sheet material processing of press processing performance is inferior aluminum alloy cold compared to the ductile metal sheet , such as mild sheet for automobiles have been sought in various ways experimentally. Various experimental methods and limits distortion definition have been measured and plotted for a long time. However , qualitative enough research results and also consideration has not been obtained in quantitative about the difference of forming limit diagram due to the difference of the experimental method and the limit strain definition and method for measuring. This paper pointed out the difference in the limit strain due to difference in the methods of several conducted an experiment to optimize efinition to determine the forming limit strain of the aluminum sheet by using the developed in-plane biaxial test machine. Key Words :dctile metal sheet, in-plane biaxial test machine, forming limit strain, italic

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