Departmental Bulletin Paper 環状液膜二流体微粒化ノズルの開発およびその適用による高温ガスジェネレータの性能向上に関する研究

福添, 勇人

The gas generator, which is similar to a gas turbine combustor, produces hot combustion products for testing turbo chargers, compressors, turbines and heat resistant materials. This paper describes the development of a gas generator used mainly for various tests of turbo chargers for automobile use, for which an annular liquid film (ALF) twin-fluid atomizer was used as the fuel injector. The atomizer is characterized by disintegrating an annular liquid film issuing along the inner wall of a converging pre-filming nozzle by means of the inner and outer co-rotational swirling air flows. Operations over a range of gas temperatures from 200 to 1200 ℃ for the air flow rate of a 5:1 turndown ratio are typically required. The ALF atomizer is able to produce fine fuel sprays over the whole range of required fuel flow rates at atomizing air pressures appreciably lower than those required with a conventional, non-pre-filming type twin fluid atomizer. Atomization performance of the ALF atomizer for kerosene was evaluated over wide ranges of fuel flow rates and atomizing air pressures. Combustion efficiencies and emissions of CO and NOx were measured for various combustor liners of different arrangements of air holes on the liner alls. The use of the ALF atomizer resulted in an improved combustion efficiencies especially at low gas temperatures or very lean conditions. Additionally, the effects of combination of swirl directions, shapes of the walls of the pre-filmer nozzle and outer air nozzle on atomization are presented. Key Words : Annular Liquid Film Twin-Fluid Atomizer , Atomization Performance , Gas Generator , Sauter Mean Diameter , Turbo Charger

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