Departmental Bulletin Paper 集合住宅における給湯システムの環境影響評価

西岡, 峻

For the promotion of sustainable economic development, it is essential to understand the impact on the environment. As a method to assess the global impact on the environment for the realization of sustainable development, life cycle assessment (LCA) has been attracting attention. In the present study, for evaluating the potential environmental impact reduction, an environmental impact assessment has been carried out by using the LCA for combinations of a water heater, a solar water heater and solar cells in an apartment house. Among others, the combination and the environmental load reduction effect of the hot water supply system by the auxiliary products, such as solar water heaters and solar panels that can be installed in sharing area on the roof, is considered for an optimal hot water supply system according to household size. The objective of the study is to assess the environmental impact reduction techniques by the methods other than the improvement of the environmental efficiency of individual products. Key Words: Lifecycle assessment, Hot water supply, Environmental impact

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