Departmental Bulletin Paper AZ31 の高ひずみ速度域における変形応力のひずみ速度依存性

Nakatani, Koji

It is important to solve the mechanism of hcp metal at high strain rate, but until now it has rarely studied. Meanwhile, when it comes to magnesium, its strain-rate sensitivity is wildly known to be larger at 573K than at 293K. In order to clarify the strain rate dependency of the dynamic flow stress for wide strain range, tests are performed at wide temperature range with AZ31 using a split Hopkinson pressure bar system in the strain rate tests. As a result, it is known that the dynamic flow strain depends strongly on high temperature. There are the following four results: the strain rate sensitivity appeared remarkably as temperature increased; Work hardening appeared dramatically at the speed of more than; and strain rate sensitivity of 5% strain appeared more remarkably than that of 10%, 15% strain Key Words : Strain rate sensitivity, HCP metals, High strain rate, AZ31 ALLOY

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