Departmental Bulletin Paper 人工喉頭を用いた Singer Robot の研究:正しい母音の発声と各種子音の発声について

戸井田, 拓也

“Singing” is one of the most important and popular artistic human activities. The purpose of this study is to develop a mechanical Singer Robot with artificial larynx. The singer robot has already been developed that can generate Japanese 5 vowels [a], [i], [u], [e], and [o], and some of the Japanese consonants. The robot has also a mechanism to change the voice pitch by manipulating artificial vocal cords. But in the previous research, it was difficult to pronounce right Japanese vowels exactly and stably. Therefore, in this paper, inspection and analysis had been done to determine the causes of instability of vowel pronunciation and then improvements of the source sound of the vocal cords for right Japanese vocalization of vowels by changing the mechanical configuration of the larynx the vocal cords. The validity of the improvements is confirmed through some experiments. The mechanisms for some other consonants such as occlusive and plosive are also developed and the validity of the mechanisms was confirmed by xperiments. Key Words : Singer Robot, Artificial Larynx, Artificial Vocal Cord, Vowel, Consonant

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