Departmental Bulletin Paper トランスピレーション冷却を有する直流タービン静翼列内の流れの数値解析:冷却空気が内部流動に及ぼす影響

榊, 達郎

In this study, in order to investigate the influence of cooling air on the secondary flow in the turbine cascade with the transpiration cooling, the flows in the two types of linear turbine stator cascade were analyzed numerically. The first one was the turbine stator without any cooling and the second one was that with the transpiration cooling. Moreover, in order to reveal the influences of the secondary flow and its intensity on the cooling efficiency of turbine blade, the computations were performed with the parameter of the inlet boundary layer thickness on the endwall. The computed results clarified that the orseshoe vortex was weakened at the leading edge by the interaction with the cooling air out of the blade surface. Moreover, it was revealed that the horseshoe vortex and the passage vortex enhanced the cooling efficiency on the blade surface near the endwall by the transporting the cooling air out of the blade surface toward the endwall. Key Words : Transpiration Cooling, Porous Material, Secondary Flow, Linear Turbine Stator Cascade, Numerical Analysis

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