Departmental Bulletin Paper マウンテンバイクを用いた曲技ロボットの研究:コンピュータシミュレーションとロボットの設計,製作

斎藤, 款文

Recently demands for robots, that can do difficult works at various situations for human, are increasing rapidly. Such robots, in general, use wheels, crawler and legs as transportation means and deal with various terrains individually. This research aims to give robots the special moving ability, by dveloping the robots that can realize the high level athletic ability of human athletes. In this paper, bike-trial techniques are focused for the robot ability, and the study of simulating bike-trial performances by an athlete and a mountain bike is discussed. This paper proposes how to perform “Wheelie” and how to generate the joint trajectories for the maneuver “Daniel”. Furthermore, a bike-trial robot is designed and made for the experimental use. Key Words : Bike-trial Robot, Computer simulation , Wheelie

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