Research Paper Collective Activities among Individual Agents for Cluster Development under the Hierarchical Business Structure

Inagaki, Kyosuke

In this research I’ll make clear how the relational process we can observe under the policy of industrial cluster development. Under the condition that industrial cluster is not established but is only planed by local government policy, any firm doesn’t necessarily regard the relational assets based on geographical proximity as crucial resource. We know the importance of informal network developed in industrial district and cluster as many researchers pointed out. But relational ties that any actor acquainted each other are not enough to make function as vehicles of acquiring resources. In other words, it is important any actor recognize their network as their relational assets, and that they know network availability to enhance accessibility as “to know who know what (Cross & Parker, 2003). This research focuses the reconstructive process of relationship, especially which meanings any actors found toward the relationship based on geographical proximity under the regional cluster developing policy.

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