Departmental Bulletin Paper 実温実圧条件における振動燃焼時の航空エンジン用希薄燃焼器予混合管内及び燃焼室内の現象の相関

江口, 貴広

Interrelationship between the phenomena in the pre-mixing duct and combustion chamber of an aero-engine lean combustor under combustion oscillations was studied at a realistic temperature and pressure. A research approach characterized by simultaneous kerosene/OH LIF and by use of an optically accessible main nozzle was successfully applied, which was developed in our previous studies. Phase-averaged image processing was performed and the effects of oscillation pressure levels on the fluctuation of kerosene/OH concentrations and fuel-jet trajectory angles were investigated. It was shown that the oscillation pressure levels did affect their fluctuation levels and phase-delay with respect to the oscillation pressure.

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