Article Diurnal and Seasonal Relationships between Nocturnal Cooling and Meteorological Parameters: Validation Using Observation Data

KONNO, Shohei  ,  OKUBO, Sayuri  ,  KANNO, Hiromitsu

2015pp.43 - 43 , 2015-12 , Japan Climatology Seminar
We investigated diurnal and seasonal relationships between nocturnal cooling and meteorological parameters by using 5-year observation data from the NARO Tohoku Agricultural Research Center, Japan. Multiple regression analysis between nocturnal cooling (7J10C) and meteorological parameters (total net radiation, Rntol; total weak-wind duration, Wdw{, and snow depth, SD) revealed that Rntot and l¥dloi dominantly contributed to Tnoc. Diurnal relationships among Tnoc, Rnwu and WdM suggested that a strong temperature drop occurred not only on calm nights but also at nights when weak wind conditions lasted at least a few hours. In addition, in the warm season, correlation coefficients between 7;ioc and ^«tot were nearly the same in every Wdlol category. In the cold season,however, those coefficients varied with Wdlm. We attributed this difference to the strong, synoptic-scale winds that accompanied cold and warm advection in the cold season.

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