Article High Concentrations of Sulfur Dioxide and Sulfate Particles Observed in Suzu City, the Noto Peninsula in Late July 2012 : On the Influence of the Smoke of Sakurajima

YAMAZAKI, Nobuhiro  ,  IWAMOTO, Yoko  ,  MATSUKI, Atsushi  ,  SADANAGA, Yasuhiro  ,  BANDOW, Hiroshi  ,  IWASAKA, Yasunobu  ,  Watanabe, Koichi  ,  MIZUOchi, Ryosuke

2015pp.37 - 41 , 2015-12 , Japan Climatology Seminar
Measurements of SO2 and sulfate aerosol concentrations in the atmosphere were performed in Suzu City, the Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture in the summer of 2012. High concentrations of SO2 and sulfate aerosols in PM25 were observed in late July when CO and O3 concentrations did not increased. The high SO, and sulfate particles may not be due to anthropogenic air pollution. According to the atmospheric pressure pattern in summer and the results of trajectory analyses, the air mass over the Noto Peninsula was transported from the southern part of Kyushu. The large eruption of Sakurajima occurred on 24 July in 2012, and the fumes were transported to the Hokuriku district. Recently, the volcanic eruptions of Sakurajima have increased in activity and may highly affect the air environment, such as PM25, over Japan.

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