Article The Climatological Consideration to the Arid and Humid Climate in Japan using the Papadakis's Method

HOSHINO, Tsuneo  ,  Sato, Norihito

2015pp.27 - 30 , 2015-12 , Japan Climatology Seminar
Taking into consideration of climatological water balance, the Thornthwaite's method using potential evapo-transpiration (=PET) has been well-known as one of its ways. However there are some problems in his method, for example, the calculating PET value dosen't fit to several areas, especially high or low latitudes in the world. In this study, the authors have tried to investigate the crop-climatological arid (= dry) or humid (= wet) area in Japan by using the Papadakis's method which is one of the ways to calculate PET value. And then the authors analyzed the detail distribution of its condition. To calculate the PET value of Papadakis's method requires the climatic data about some vapor pressure values as following expression.

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