Departmental Bulletin Paper Automatic Transformation from SOFL Formal Specifications to Programs for Software Verification and Testing

Luo, Xiongwen

Abstract— The Structured Object-oriented Formal Language (SOFL) method is developed to overcome the disadvantages of existing formal methods and provide effective techniques for writing formal specifications and carrying out verification and testing. Although it has been applied to system modeling and design in practical and research projects, SOFL has not been widely applied to the industrial software development systems because of the lack of efficient tool support. Aiming at improving the existing SOFL supporting tool and solving the problem that the formal specifications cannot be directly executed, this paper firstly analyzes the relationship between the structures of SOFL formal specifications and C# programs, and then designs and implements the transforming classes for module transformations and data type transformations. Finally, a test is performed to ensure the reliability and validity of the implemented software system. Keywords— SOFL; Formal specifications; Automatic transformations; Programs;

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