Departmental Bulletin Paper Privacy-Preserved and Best-effort Provisions of Cyber-I Information to Personalized Services

Liu, Wenjing

Abstract—User information is needed for personalized services. However, personalized services are often confused either by information inconsistency and incorrectness or the cold start issue while they gather user information. Even some services, such as social network services, provide user information for personalized services to overcome these problems, they are also facing difficulty of the limited diversity of user information. Additionally, they are only capable of providing existing information. While a Cyber-I (short for Cyber Individual) collects any information of a person in its way to gradually approximate to its user. Certainly, a user information needed by personalized services is also included in a corresponding Cyber-I. Therefore, providing Cyber-I information to personalized services could be more prospecting. In order to provide Cyber-I information to personalized services, there are two main problems should be solved. One is the privacy protection problem. Methods should be designed to provide privacy preservation for user. Another one is the best-effort issue which is about how to make full use of existing Cyber-I information to satisfy personalized services as much as possible. Thus, the goal of this paper is providing Cyber-I information to personalized services by best-efforts provisions, simultaneously provide privacy preservation for Cyber-I. To reach that goal, a Cyber-I Information Provision System (CIPS) is proposed. Keywords—Cyber-I; Real-I; personalized service; privacy preservation; information provision

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