Departmental Bulletin Paper Changes in International Competition regarding Auto-parts in China, Korea, and Japan

Baba, Toshiyuki

30pp.27 - 40 , 2016-03 , Institute of Comparative Economic Studies, Hosei University
This paper considers the international and mutual competitiveness of the auto-parts industry in China, Korea, and Japan, using the “Global Competitiveness Index” (GCI) calculated by international trade statistics of around 30 auto-parts items. According to the analysis of the changes in mutual auto-parts dependence structures and competitiveness in China, Korea and Japan from 1992 to 2013, the author describes the detail change of supply chain of auto-parts. That is, although in 1992 the automobile industry in both China and Korea greatly depended upon Japan, their international competitiveness in auto-parts has improved significantly. The supply chain of auto-parts in these countries changed from being one-way from Japan to two-way with each other and mulitipolar. Although the auto-parts trade between China and Korea was quite limited in 1992, it has recently become much more active. Analysis shows that the international competitiveness in auto-parts and the international procurement structure in China, Korea, and Japan, have changed dramatically. Then the author analyze more deeply this issue in several aspects such as follows; 1. The changes of major trade partners in China, Korea and Japan. 2. The international competitiveness of each auto-part in China, Korea and Japan, in 1992 and in 2013. 3. Categorizing changes of the international competitiveness of auto-parts in China and Korea.

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