Departmental Bulletin Paper 建築業界における企業家活動 : 株式会社千金堂によるローコスト住宅販売事業構築の事例分析
Entrepreneur as the Driving Actor in the Creation of New Economic Geography : A Case Study of Senkindo

高橋, 勅徳  ,  曽根, 秀一

12pp.67 - 82 , 2015-03-31 , 法政大学イノベーション・マネジメント研究センター
First, this article repositions entrepreneurs as the economic actors driving the creation of new economic geographies underlying the existing social structure by way of an examination of the "relational turn" which has been proposed in recent research on entrepreneurship, and reveals a new theoretical perspective for analysis. Next, it conducts an analytical description of the example of the Senkindo, which has created a new economic geography within the general housing industry, and presents a new variation of entrepreneurial activity. Finally, it examines the theoretical and practical significance brought by relational turn-based analytic description. Senkindo did more than create a system to incorporate contractors, materials manufacturers, and customers. By building on the existing structure of the housing industry, establishing a liaison to conduct price negotiation with customers, and dividing construction tasks between local construction contractors, Senkindo transformed itself from a construction contractor to a home builder and general contractor, and by specializing in specialized architecture, it maintains relationships with customers from which it can continue to receive direct orders over a long period of time, such as temples, so it could be considered to be in a position to be able to circumvent the economic geography dominated by home builder companies.

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