Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究ノート〉 岐阜県恵那の教育運動の展開と戦後教育学 : 石田和男の教育運動と実践の理論の展開に即して〈その3〉 「子どもをつかむ」思想の展開と生活綴方の再興 : 1970年代を中心に

佐貫, 浩

13pp.197 - 225 , 2016-03 , 法政大学キャリアデザイン学部
This research task is to examine the idea of the method cold "to seize a child". Kazuo Ishida submitted this thought. "To seize a child" means to grasp his (her) own value attitude which thrust a child towered a certain life attitude and purpose. This idea insists that the education to work on a value attitude of the child's personality is necessary. However, it is not to force specific sense of values on a child from theoutside. In this method, a teacher demands a child to record his life. In this process, a child finds the problem to reform his (her) life. Furthermore, the child gets the will to carry out new way of life which he (she) finds. A teacher helps a child understand his (her) own life. A teacher discovers the problem and subject of the education for the child through the child's selfunderstandingby this method. Therefore, the teacher comes to be able to seize a child according to the depth that a child seizes oneself deeply. These method and thinking way constitute the core of the education thought of Ishida.

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