Departmental Bulletin Paper 鉄道資料館と商店街の連携とその波及効果 : 新潟市新津鉄道資料館と新津商店街の事例から

金山, 喜昭

13pp.43 - 59 , 2016-03 , 法政大学キャリアデザイン学部
The renewed Niitsu Railway Museum started in April 2014 with the mission of regional interchange and revitalization of the local shopping streets. This thesis shows how Niitsu Railway Museum works together withthe shopping streets, such as loaning out the collection for locating them on the streets, and sell railway goods at the museum which the stores themselves have created. In addition, more than 10 stores use their showcases for exhibiting railway items. Volunteers drew railway pictures related to Niitsu on the shop shutters. A vacant store is used as a media studio, which broadcasts the local shop and event information. Two yeans have passed since the renewal of the museum; now the interaction of the shopping streets increased, and local people rediscovered Niitsu as a “Railway town” that helps to create their identity. Local people voluntarily participate in the projects, which made the shopping streets notonly a place for merchandise but also a place for social activities.

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