Departmental Bulletin Paper 東北大学に残る心理学古典的実験機器の再検討 : 2015年の現地調査により得られた新しい知見

吉村, 浩一

72pp.147 - 160 , 2016-03-30 , 法政大学文学部
In March, 2015, I conducted a field survey of classic psychological apparatuses stored in Tohoku University as one of the member of Document Preservation Committee of JapanesePsychological Association. Most of them are the apparatuses which have been purchased by the psychology laboratory of Tohoku Imperial University before World War II. Through careful investigation based on the photographed data, considerable number of misunderstood by Hidaka and Gyoba (2009) was revised. Furthermore, newly discovered data were added. They were accomplished by referring to old catalogs of domestic and foreign makers as well as detailed inspection of the equipment account book found in 1935. Among the apparatuses which were left to be questionable, the most mysterious item is the clock which could measure a one-lOOth second. According to the account book, it was the most expensive apparatus of all that the laboratory had purchased, but it does not seem to be so expensive.

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