Thesis or Dissertation フォトンカウンティング形X線CTを用いた媒質同定に関する研究

松本, 真梨子

pp.1 - 53 , 2015-03-24
AbstractThe purpose of this research is to validate the availability of a material decompositionwith a photon counting CT. We used a photon counting detector that was able to measurefour energy bins. And then, a principal component analysis, least squares method and sin-gular value decomposition method were used for the material decomposition. We conductedsome simulations and experiments. The materials used were water, calcium, gold-colloid,and gadolinium contained water. We evaluated the performance of the photon counting CTimages in terms of the accuracy of reconstructed linear attenuation coefficients and densityvalues. The results indicated that our detector could measure a material density with satis-factory accuracy using the singular value decomposition method. The results showed thatour photon counting CT system was useful for the material decomposition.

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