Departmental Bulletin Paper 宗教都市・カトマンドゥにおける街区の構成原理 : 高密に連続する中庭と住居群

渡部, 紀大

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
Early Kathmandu developing have related with many factors such as religion, living of people, politics and so on. In this city, a lot of dwellings crowd in high density and it make the city attractive.In this thesis, we aim to grasp the complicated city systematically, besides to comprehend a mechanism of organizing an urban space construction. As a method, it is directed to some of the city district in the old city of Kathmandu, the actual “fieldwork”, research. We also use cadastral Maps for researching which created in the 1970s.

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