Departmental Bulletin Paper 城下町のにぎわい : 川越における商業 + 公共空間の提案

山田, 智大

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
I suspect that Sightseeing spot is to glimpse the truth of its location, originally. But most of the sightseeing spot today points to the surface which was made by only external perspective, and this is the current situation that daily part is hidden in the back. As one of this problem , It may be mentioned that the whereabouts of citizens where shows the original place has hidden to the Back Side.In this study, I would like to consider the whereabouts for people who lives in sightseeing spot in order to the local city continue to survive as a sightseeing spot. Research and design has been done with Kawagoe city where is a castle town of storehouse building as the target site.

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