Departmental Bulletin Paper 西成区あいりん地区におけるホームレスシェルターと露店マーケット

山下, 莉央

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
It is concerned about youth leaving Nishinari now. One of the factors is it in Airin-chiku. There is Airin-chiku where the image such as the slum of Japan in Nishinari. Nishinari inhabitants tend to want to hide that they live in Nishinari because of the bad image. On the other hand, Osaka-shi pushes forward the forced removal of the homeless people tent and stall. Homeless people who lost sleeping place gather in the Airin-chiku one after another. It is said that there are approximately 600 homeless people in Airin-chiku. Such as forced removal or the temporary homeless shelter do not become the homeless measures. As for such superficial measures, expenses increase than long-term support and also this solution is a bit less run-time efficient to improve public safety. I want to suggest the facilities to let a homeless people come back to their normal life in the long term. The homeless people feels society and joy about again here.

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