Departmental Bulletin Paper CIP 法による 3 次元弾性体の波動伝播解析と開境界処理への応用

柳川, 智隆

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
When we calculate the earthquake reply that a building receives, calculations in consideration of Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction are used well. One of them called direct method. It is the method to consider the structure and soils as a whole. It often uses the finite element method (FEM). This method has an effective calculation in nonlinear studies. However, processing to express the infinite ground in a limited domain is necessary. We call this processing boundary processing. Generally, a viscous boundary is used for this processing. However the complete boundary making cannot be realized. In this paper, I suggest boundary processing using the CIP method as complete processing. The CIP method is highly precise liberation of the advection equation. The CIP method is used in various fields, but, as for the example used in the field of ground, it is rare. This study does the suggestion of the way of analysis of the wave-propagation of the ground model in various dimensions using the CIP method and the boundary processing by the CIP method.

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