Departmental Bulletin Paper 追憶の地 : 国立追悼施設の在り方を巡って

南, 由佳

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
In order to clarify the answer of question that say what is "Architecture" of the natural environment and human, was selected the "way of the National memorial" as a design theme. Originally what has been called the "architecture" is to appear effectively in places like symbolizes to die than a human live, where such temples and temples is considered to have been regarded as "Architecture". To mourn the war dead in the Asia & Pacific theatre of World War Ⅱ "Architecture" what about. And at the same time as the memorial site to it, where you tell the dead our thoughts that can not speak, we are and wonder the place to not forget this fact, should not be made as a "Architecture" as can be routinely utilized to me Possible, "memory inheritance of place" to tell the facts, we plan proposal of "prayer of place" that swear the peace. The significance of this study is to reconsider the meaning inherently possessed by the "Architecture" again, it is possible to replace the currently problematic "The National Memorial Conception", is to show the significance of the "Architecture".

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