Departmental Bulletin Paper 遺伝的アルゴリズムによる総重量と冗長性を目的関数とした三次元鋼構造多層骨組の部材配置問題に関する研究

時, 哲夫

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
A word redundancy and its importance for the structures come to be generally recognized after the collapse of the World Trade Center on 9.11. Therefore, in this study, the structural morphogenesis is operated on two analysis examples by using overall mass and redundancy as an object factor and a size of the member section is set as a variable. One of the examples is frame structure and another example have been appended constraints of ultimate horizontal resistant force to frame structure. And the design methodology considering redundancy combined with economic efficiency is suggested in this paper.

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