Departmental Bulletin Paper 個別要素法による粒状体群のせん断シミュレーションにおける摩擦処理

板谷, 知洋

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
The purpose of this study is to observe what effect on the results by calculation method introduced newly through shear simulation using Distinct Element Method (DEM). Friction is involved in the tangential direction between the particles, so that an analysis result is greatly influenced. So we reconsider calculation method of tangential direction and confirm usability of this method through simulation. As a result of having tried shear simulation by Stick-Slip type, without increase of analysis time, the result that was equal than a conventional calculation method is obtained. But the coefficient of dynamic friction that was set newly used the value of 40% and 60% of coefficient of static of friction. Because it is insufficient in this, the determination method is necessary for handling correctly.

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