Departmental Bulletin Paper 情報通信技術を用いたコミュニケーションについて : 手書きメモを同期する端末の制作

高橋, 翔太

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
By the development of information and communication technology, the human race has been overcome the limitations of distance and time in information transmission. On the other hand, can be notified irrespective of time and place is interrupted activities face, a state of performing communication through the Internet while neglect the person in front of the eyes can be seen. Moreover, since a very high versatility of the information terminal, it is hard to say that there is a clear empirical operability. In order to solve the above problems, in this study, we propose and production of information terminal that shows one of the ways of communication next to it was widely used in the form that replaces the e-mail "message format".

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