Departmental Bulletin Paper 受注生産方式における納期遵守率と平均在庫保有数を考慮したタイムバッファ設定に関する研究

鈴木, 雄祐

42015-03-31 , 法政大学大学院デザイン工学研究科
In manufacturing, that is that essential to deliver the product to the customer until the desired delivery date. A company has to produce in advance to deliver a product to a due date street. A company has to have stock of many finished goods. Therefore a company should produce so that a product may be finished on the same day as the customer's suggested date of delivery. In fact, when an unexpected situation has happened, a company will be late, and delivers a product. This study sets a manufacturing lead time of the purpose which doesn't make an order of the short due date do due date delay. Using the data which are order-receiving results in the past for it, a time buffer is set as the spare hour. A time buffer is added in a manufacturing lead time. As a result, a manufacturing lead time of the purpose a due date doesn't make behind schedule to an order of the short due date by this method is set.

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