Research Paper Can Japanese Firms Get Along with Highly Skilled Foreign Workers? : Intentions among Former International Students to Settle and Work in Japan

Yamaguchi, Rui  ,  Maeda, Yutaka

194pp.1 - 28 , 2015-09-30 , Institute of Comparative Economic Studies, Hosei University
On the grounds that there are deficits in the work force, the Japanese government has proposed policies to facilitate the hiring of highly skilled foreign workers and to encourage Japanese firms to create conducive work environments for such workers. However, it remains unclear whether highly skilled foreign workers at Japanese firms intend to settle and work in Japan and whether firms’ implementation of human resources management (HRM) has been effective. This paper addresses these questions based on data obtained in a survey of former international students; international students have recently drawn attention as a source of highly skilled workers. We conducted an empirical analysis and offer the following suggestions. First, regarding settling and working in Japan, HRM policies that address former international students’ career development and position as foreigners must be implemented; doing so can reduce feelings of deprivation among them and mitigate their intention to leave Japan. Second, it was empirically determined that former international students have the intention of becoming target earners. Thus, in place of a policy that merely considers facilitating the entry of former international students into the Japanese labor market, it is better to provide systems that can encourage the circulation of migration. Third, it was shown that for former international students, the experience of studying in Japan may hamper their global transition; thus, it is necessary that Japanese educational institutions provide an environment where skills performable globally can be cultivated.

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