Departmental Bulletin Paper 何が朗読らしく思わせるのか?
What does make us an utterance like a reading aloud with appropriate emotions?

福田, 由紀  ,  楢原, 拓真

71pp.125 - 134 , 2015-09-30 , 法政大学文学部
The present study investigated the effects of physical features of voices and impressions of voices on that listeners' evaluation whether the voice is Roudoku; the reading aloud with appropriate emotions. The participants were university students. After listening to 2 audio materials that were the reading aloud with appropriate emotions version and only reading out version, the participants rated physical features of voices and impressions of voices from 1 to 5. The result of analysis of principal component about physical features of voices showed one factor named device factor for reading aloud with appropriate emotions. Factor analysis using promax rotation for impressions of voices indicated that there were 2 factors; feeling related factor and naturalness factor. The results of the path analyses revealed that the both of impression of voice factors didn't influence the listeners' evaluation of Roudoku, but only the device factor directly had a positive effect on one. We discussed the availability of instructions about reading aloudwith appropriate emotions to make readers deeply understand narratives.

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