Departmental Bulletin Paper <研究ノート>キャリア研究とキャリアデザイン学について考えること(その二) : 「地域創生が叫ばれる時代のキャリアデザインを考える」 : 二つの選択肢、回転ドアキャリアとギビングバックキャリアの提案

小門, 裕幸

13 ( 1 )  , pp.33 - 48 , 2015-09 , 法政大学キャリアデザイン学会
Japan faces a multitude of problems such as a huge national debt, a low birthrate, and a declining population, and a downturn in the Economy as well as the disappearance of regional small cities is forecasted. It is said also that Tokyo is becoming a population black-hole. On the other hand, you Japanese young people are coming to recognize the need to change your lifestyle from that of a workaholic to one of self-realization. I would like to present to you some points to consider when you start a new life; the principle of subsidiarity, the drawbacks of an excessively centralized Japanese society, the need for a humane lifestyle (not becoming a company-first man and suffering from excessively long work hours), the meaning of QOL(quality of life) and QOC(quality of community), and the difference in economic and social principles between big cities like Tokyo (based on market relationships) and regional communities (based on reciprocal relationships). The subjective career and intelligent careers are strongly recommended in the knowledge economy. You might also focus on the humane life in a local city under the principle of subsidiarity withyour family belonging to several communities.To lead a successful and satisfying life, I would propose that you consider embarking on a revolving-door career, that you be decisive and brave and pursue a giving-back career and enjoy reciprocal relationship societies.

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