Research Paper 〈研究ノート〉 M・フーコーの新自由主義把握の検討

佐貫, 浩

13 ( 1 )  , pp.13 - 31 , 2015-09 , 法政大学キャリアデザイン学会
Foucault regards neoliberalism as the systematic politics of the rule technology based on the theory that the politics should not control market economy by the reason of the invisibility of the economic laws. Therefore, the control rule is to guarantee the freedom of the market and competition there. It means to create mechanism (environment) of the competition. This policy is tied to "the freedom of the market", "the national neutrality to the market," "the freedom of the monopoly,""leaving of the unemployment," "the prohibition of the welfare policy for secured social welfare payment" and "privatization of the social security." This policy brings up an individual into the positive competitor in the market. This viewpoint is tied to the new development of the "human capital" idea. It is demanded that the worker invests income in self workforce to get high income from one's workforce capital. As a result, this businessman (homo economics) is going to manage one's own education, nurture and the whole of the personal "life" as a condition of the competition. The environmental management politics gets character called "The Live Politics." The neoliberalism concept of Foucault is very comprehensive and radical. However, theneoliberalism concept of Foucault has someproblems such as the concept of the powerof state, analysis of the contradiction of the neoliberalism economy, the transformation of the neoliberalism under the globalization. Furthermore, there is a basic difficult problem whether control of the economy by the sovereign power politics is possible or impossible. It is necessary to succeed to the radical side of the neoliberalism concept of Foucault with sorting sharpness and a limit of his understanding of neoliberalism. In this analysis, I used "NAISSANCE DE LA BIOPOLITIQUE" (Translation--Shinkai Yasuyuki、Chikuma--bookshop 2008) as a text.

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