Departmental Bulletin Paper インターンシッププログラムにおける職場体験の負荷と効果

酒井, 理

13 ( 1 )  , pp.3 - 12 , 2015-09 , 法政大学キャリアデザイン学会
In this paper, we examined effects of an internship program. They were analyzed onthe survey data to students. The result of the analysis is that "Severity of work" at the workplace affects the mental growth of students. Severity grades are defined by difficulties, responsibilities of works and terms of work experiences. According to these conclusions, in order to growth mentality, it is effective to give a toughexperience. Perception of the load of the work by individuals is different; even it is the same load. However, if the level of mental resistance of individuals gets clearly, it is possible to provide an efficient work experience to students in aninternship. What is verified in this study is the finding that was obtained previously by experience. However, it is very important that it has been validated by the survey data.

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