Departmental Bulletin Paper 大平正芳内閣の「田園都市国家構想」と戦後日本の国土計画

竹野, 克己

3pp.125 - 138 , 2015-03-24 , 法政大学公共政策研究科『公共政策志林』編集委員会
Land policy in post-war Japan, bore fruit “Comprehensive national development plan (ZenSo)” and it has contributed greatly to the economic growth. However, it has led to regional disparities and urban issues at the same time. These problems are a major issue today. On the other hand Masayoshi Ohira organized a group of scholars in the Cabinet of his own, was announced a “National garden city initiative”. Those aims of this initiative while being opened, tried to draw a model that can live independently in rural areas. And also it was trying to show a new community image. These initiative or model this has become suggestive even today, although embodied was not by his death. In this paper, while consideration also thought experience of Ohira, while overview also the relationship between the national planning of the same era, it was discussed way necessary thought, approach also, in land planning in the future.

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