Departmental Bulletin Paper 新自由クラブにおける教育政策についての一考察

里吉, 弘治

3pp.117 - 123 , 2015-03-24 , 法政大学公共政策研究科『公共政策志林』編集委員会
New Liberal Club, which was launched as a result of the corruption and rigidity of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) under the 1955-system, also grew out of the context of postwar societal change and cleavage. Such party formation reflects multiplicity and diversity of the Japanese politics, and its existence itself probably was a manifestation of the changes in the 1955-system. Moreover, the existence of New Liberal Club as an experimental party is likely to have paved the way for the establishment of the non-LDP coalition government in 1993 and the change of government in 2009. In studying political party policies as what constitute public policies, this paper will discuss the “education policy of New Liberal Club” from the view point of “forging an education-oriented country” which was the party’s focus principal from the time of its launch. It will verify the contents and points of the education policy proposed by New Liberal Club that came in as a new political party based on its party organs, and examine the policy deliberation during the transformation period of the 1970s and 1980s or policy changes of the 1955-system. Furthermore, it will examine the influence of its principles and policies on Diet activities and political process, and how political parties and policies are related.

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