Departmental Bulletin Paper 次世代自動車技術の現状と政策推進 : 「次世代自動車戦略2010」の検証と政策推進の方向性
The present conditions and policy promotion of the next-generation car technology : Directionality of inspection and the policy promotion of “next generation car strategy 2010”

伊藤, 雅文

3pp.107 - 116 , 2015-03-24 , 法政大学公共政策研究科
“Next-generation car strategy 2010” that is the strategic design of the next-generation car technology in April, 2010 But, it was announced. The action that is given priority to in that “plug in hybrid car (PHV)” Two of と “electric car (EV)” were shown. On the other hand, “it is an internal combustion engine”, and the mainstream of the global market occupies 98%. As for the technique with a little environmental load thought about under the present conditions, “PHV” and “EV” are promising, but are not decisive. While, in this article, surveying it about a feasible next-generation car technology at the present; I try comparison consideration about “PHV”, “EV” and “an internal combustion engine”. The overwhelming advantage understands that I do not exist among both. In ad-dition, the characteristic of the main global market is different from a Japanese market every market, and it is difficult that the present technique can become the global standards. I compare the recent cabinet decision change with the priority issues that “next-generation car strategy 2010” showed and, in such situation, consider it and begin to warm the priority issues of the policy. By the main subject, I propose “a fuel cell electric car” as an alternative plan. Load environmental as for this technique Zero and the fuel exist unlimitedly. Possibility acceptable in all markets It is the highest and is an ultimate environmental car. On the other hand, it is necessary for that a product, 官 , study does co-operation, and a lot of spread problems to promote it wrestle, and this is because it is essential to earth environmental conservation, environment load reduction.

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