Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本の食料安全保障政策における課題と解決に向けた一考察 : 農地と生産者問題からみた食料安全保障政策と緊急事態食料安全保障指針分析

青山, 貴洋

3pp.61 - 78 , 2015-03-24 , 法政大学公共政策研究科『公共政策志林』編集委員会
This paper describes the importance and the necessity of a food security policy. In a state which has sovereignty of the people, the maintenance of people’s security is indispensable. Although there is much national uneasiness, especially food security is an important policy in connection with life support. However, peace and gluttony rarefy the importance.Now, the food self-sufficiency ratio of Japan is 39%. This is a problem which is strongly influenced, when import from overseas is stopped. In Japan, the food security indicator is defined for such an emergency. However, its existence is seldom known by people and it is lacking in concreteness and synthesis nature. On the other hand, in the production-of-food structure of Japan, many problems have accumulated, such as reduction in farmland, a producer’s aging-population issue, reduction of food production that occurs accompanying with them, etc. These may threaten food security of Japan and may make put people in danger in case of emergency. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to help to remove uneasiness from Japanese people by extracting the current status and issues of the food securitypolicy of Japan.

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